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  • This is probably not doable, but I thought I would ask anyway. WP installed at one domain, bbPress installed on another. Both domains are on the same machine (server), they both have there own db but they share users tables (so users can do stuff at both). We have been creating a small amount of links on the blog, and we have a links page (useing a page template), we would like to display the same links information on the bbpress site. Since these are on the same machine and are already sharing db functions, is it possible to display the links on the other site. if so, where should I look for what code to display.
    any tips pointers are welcome, and if it isnt possible please destory my notions quickly so I dont waste more time.

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  • If you’re wanting to show wp links on your bbpress install, we can’t help you here.

    Only place for help with bbpress is There’s a blog, whether they ever answer questions there I don’t know.


    Just a quick note — if you’ve integrated both sites in a way where bbPress config file is loading WP config file, then all WP functions are available to bbPress 😉 Just copy code from your templates back and forth.

    ah, load the config file. I was thinking in the wrong direction. Basically I would go about this as if I was going to integrate the them both for using the WP themes, but just pick the tags and code I need to have a links page.

    Hopefully that is all I needed to push me in the right direction.

    Check out the bbPress mailing list archives, there are detailed instructions for integrating it into WP (I think it was in Dec or Nov 2005). I did it and it works great. I even wrote a WP/bbPress plugin (unreleased) and some special functions too 😉

    I already participate in the bbpress mailing list, but thanks for pointing out the general time frame of the instructions. I will dig through them soon.
    I came here first, since I was tyring to capitalize on WP functions, and dumping into my bbpress template is pretty simple.

    Out of curriosity, what is your WP/bbpress plugin? I have a couple of installs of bbpress, the previously mentioned one which has a small wp/bbp integration, and another install that I have integrated with WPMU.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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