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Links have stopped displaying

  • I added a new link and now it is the only link showing in sidebar. As far as I can see the make other invisble box is not checked. I am using Green Marinee theme and the php get_links reads as folows <br>
    <h3><?php _e(‘The Associates’); ?></h3>

    <?php get_links(‘-1’, ‘

  • ‘, ‘
  • ‘, ”, 0, ‘name’, 0, 0, -1, 0); ?>

    ALso I have tried to check the show updated links option and saw a post to check and see in wp_links table had timestamp info. I checked and all the timesatamp ino is zeroes. what can I do to fix both of these issues?

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  • What happens if you just use get_links()?

    same thing..

    According to docs, get_links() is not to use settings from your admin panel.

    You don’t have a Limit set on your Link Categories do you?


    So what happens when you remove the link you added?

    It displays zero links. It is only displaying that link, as if the only show updated links box was checked, which it isn’t.

    Try what I use –
    <ul id=”sc5″>
    <?php get_links(‘-1’, “\t<li>“, ‘</li>‘, ‘ ‘, ‘0’, ‘_updated’, ‘0’, ‘0’, ’12’, ‘1’); ?>

    (at least it will make the one link that displays xhtml valid 😉

    Just found that under Links, Manage Links, that any link that has Visible set to No then get_links() didn’t display that link. Maybe need to check each link to make sure it’s set to Visible. Updated Template_Tags/get_links#Description to reflect this information.

    I can’t believe it was as simple as toggling them back on. THanks, I feel like an idiot!!!! I guess the better question is what toggled them all so they were not visible?

    Beel, I am not sure what you are referring to

    They probably got toggled because at one point the Link Category had the Toggle set When new link is added toggle all others to be invisible.

    What I am referring to is how you have the list of links generated – it is not valid xhtml. You either need to wrap get_links in an li tag or have get_links wrap each link in li tags as I have done.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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