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  • Take a look at my posts in this topic (may have to read through it):

    You could edit that link to point to your page.

    Thank you rawrzors, I think that is a little above my limited HTML knowledge. I don’t know any php or css at all. Plus I would want it to just link to the description on my page and not leave my page and go to petfinder, or at the very least just open a new window. I would prefer it just go to the description on my page though. I may work on it later but it will take me a lot of figuring out I think.

    If the form is static (always links to the same page) you would just need to add one line of code to the .php and you’re there.

    However, if you have an adoption page for every individual animal, it would take a bit more work to set up.

    Sorry it took me so long to reply. Yes my form is static and only 1 form. Can you tell me what line of code to insert and where to put it? I don’t know anything about php at all. I know a little html and also no css knowledge, but I can follow directions if they are as simple as you said. Thanks for your help.

    Here is the address for the form I am trying to link to.

    Foster/Adoption Application

    Hi there,

    Look for (line 264 on most recent version, or the first appearance of below):
    $output_buffer .= "<div class=\"dog " . $dog->animal . "\"><div class=\"name\"><a name=\"" . $dog->id . "\">". $dog->name . "</a></div>";

    Replace with:
    $output_buffer .= "<div class=\"dog\"><div class=\"name\"><a href=\"\" name=\"" . $dog->id . "\">". $dog->name . "</a></div>";

    This plugin has been deactivated because your changes resulted in a fatal error.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONCAT_EQUAL in /hermes/waloraweb066/b2969/moo.bgsdrcom/wp-content/plugins/petfinder-listings/petfinder-listings.php on line 264

    Sorry, I fixed it, when I copied and pasted I missed the $ at the very beginning. I now have it like it should be and it works as I requested. Thank you so much for your input and help.

    I don’t suppose you can answer my widget question in this forum can you? I want to thank you again, this mod to the php is awesome, I love it.

    I’ll look into it…at a glance, it seems much harder than this issue.

    FYI mine was located on line 249

    The editor I am using is called Brackets. It is the free open source version of Adobe Edge Code. PetfinderListings plugin undated in the last day or so to Version 1.0.12 so I had to go back in and edit the code again. The code now appears in my editor on line 293 for anyone interested. I don’t know if it is on the same line in other editors, but that is where it is in mine now for anyone interested. I love this app by the way!!!

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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