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  • About 10 minutes ago, something seems to have happened to the links to my articles at

    The front page comes up fine, and even if you go into a category, it is fine.

    But if you click into an article it is just a blank page – not even a 404 message!

    If I click on an article for my site via a link e.g. Facebook, again it just goes to a blank white screen

    Please, someone help!!! I am LOST, and Freaking Out a bit. Very new to all this!!!

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  • Your pages also works.

    There is probably a fatal error happening very early. Could even be a syntax error in PHP.

    Deactivate your plugins, one by one, and test.

    Oh no!!! Would it be likely to occurred win plugins Ive used recently or any of them ?

    Plugins that doesn’t cause this may be activated again. You just have to find out if and which plugin that breaks your site.

    If it is a plugin, it’s likely a recently updated one. Any other updates recently, to WordPress, theme, PHP or web server software?

    And which web server software, which PHP version and WordPress do you run?

    Thanks for responding again Knut.
    I’ve been updating the Robots meta plug in today (deactivated now) and installed Discus.
    I use Bluehost, WooThemes, and WordPress 3.1.1.
    I did try to update the single page.php today and then deleted the section. Maybe I didnt delete that properly? Only I dont know HTML so not sure… Do you know is this script, as a stand alone could be a problem?
    <?php if (get_option(‘woo_author’) == “true”) { ?>

    Bluehost help desk said to check permalink settings and clear cache & cookies…

    Clearing the cache didnt work..

    Knut, got it. It was the update I did today to the single.php.

    THankyou so much for your help. You are an angel x

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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