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  • Plugin Author Michael Nelson


    We checked and it turns out that’s a browser quirk: they were using Firefox’s “Print to PDF” add-on. Safari is the same.
    But Google Chrome, Opera, Brave, and PrinceXML all have working hyperlinks. I’m not sure about Microsoft Edge.
    I think I’ll add a FAQ for this, and alert Firefox and Safari users of this on the print setup page, saying something like “Your browser creates PDFs without working hyperlinks. If you want working hyperlinks, please use Google Chrome, Opera, Brave, or PrinceXML.”
    I was going to place the warning on the print setup page (probably right underneath the option to add or remove hyperlinks), so users can know to switch browsers if they want working hyperlinks in PDFs; although it won’t appear to site visitors printing individual pages, but I would hope they’re already aware of their browser’s behaviour.
    @trinity7 do you have Microsoft Edge and can you see if it generates PDFs with working hyperlinks? Also, what do you think of this proposal?

    Plugin Author Michael Nelson


    I’m going to put the proposed warning into version 2.2.2, just underneath where users select “Include Hyperlinks” on the print setup page. I’m open to other suggestions though.
    So I’m tentatively closing this issue.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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