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    As title indicates, there is no “Links” option in the left side panel into the Dashboard.

    How do I fix it?

    More and more, I am thinking to reconsider if I should develop the website locally. I already had a problem with Jetpack plugin and with a WP FTP Access, but I solved them with some hacks.
    Seems WP developers were sloppy enough for users who wish to develop locally first.
    I am afraid that migrating the website to a live server will be a pain in the ass.
    A 5-minute-install is not all that it gets, as it seems.

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  • A 5-minute-install is not all that it gets, as it seems.

    The 5 minute install is actually a pretty accurate claim. You need to remember that WordPress is intended to be installed on a remote server that meets the minimum requirements for running it. It isn’t developed as an application that’s intended to be run from your the convenience of your desktop. That being said, WordPress runs exactly the same in any properly configured server environment. Whether that be a server you rent from a hosting company, or the old Windows XP Computer in your closet.

    Seems WP developers were sloppy enough for users who wish to develop locally first.

    I’m not sure that position would hold up for long under any real scrutiny. (as in, from professional developers who regularly develop using WordPress locally)

    The fact that you can install and run WordPress on your own computer at home, is merely a byproduct of being able to use any one of a dozen different prepackaged “server environments”, or having enough knowledge to do it properly by configuring your own server and installing and configuring the applications required to support it. That includes running your own ftp server. You need to remember that although you can find a lot of that information available here, teaching folks how to properly configure and administer a web server is not the purpose of the WordPress software or the support forum.

    Your success with running WordPress (one could probably also apply this to any other web-based application) on a home computer or the development server under your desk probably really comes down to first: your knowledge about server installation and configuration and administration, and then your familiarity with WordPress itself.

    “Links” don’t exist in localhost’s dashboard left sidepanel!

    That has nothing to do with installing WordPress locally. The link manager has been disabled by default starting in 3.5 on new installations. It’s been discussed frequently in the forums. You can enable the link manager by using a plugin solution: or just by navigating to and changing the link_manager_enabled option from 0 to 1.

    First of all, thank you for your reply.

    Perhaps, by saying that “5-minute-install is not all that it gets” I didn’t express myself correctly. What I meant is that sometimes a new user in WP (as I am myself) gets the wrong impression. Yes! It WAS a 5 minute install, excellent! But what troubled me was that I was expecting some other parts to be a bit easier than it originally seemed to be.
    Such an example is to be able migrating WP from local to live server with a… 5-minute install. 🙂

    Of course, as you can understand, not everybody can afford or ask from his clients to pay a hosting solution in advance even at least 20-30 days before the website can be launched on cyberspace. So one of alternatives is to develop it locally. Anyway.

    I think I should also point this:

    Your success with running WordPress…and then your familiarity with WordPress itself.

    Yes, you are right. Even though I am more familiar with other web-based applications who don’t offer easier solutions than WP, it still came as a surprise to experience that developing locally and migrating to other server can be the opposite of what the “5-minute-install” tagline wanted to express. It is not merely my opinion but other users have expressed it as well (well, not in the same context, but you get what I mean). And I don’t think ALL of them are novices. (ps. I am solely talking about the migration of WP here)

    Anyway, I take it back, WP devs are not sloppy, I’m sure they have done great job. But what about some local issues? Such as this FTP Access Issue, or Jetpack demands? Ok, hacks exist and can be found around, buuuuut!..

    This damn ‘Links’ matter caught me on the line between updates!.. Thanks for letting me know.

    case resolved

    ClaytonJames, thanks for the info about that whole link_manager_enabled thing. I am new to WP and have no coding experience. This was very helpful.

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