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  • I help setup WordPress for a client who was using an older version. Now she uses 3.5 but every time she wants to edit a post, all the links disappear. This had never happened to her before. I can’t explain why this happens. When I was testing it, the only way I could keep the links is if I edited in Text mode, but if I switched to Visual, they were gone. Please help.

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  • Could it be a theme related issue? I upgraded my own blog to 3.5 as well and don’t have the problem. Both blogs are using twenty eleven, but mine is version 1.3 and my client has 1.4

    I think, it can’t be a theme issue.
    But, I am yet not much known to issues that may arise during upgrade.

    Actually, I’ve tried switching themes, and the problem persists. Tried deactivating all plugins too… It’s something with the editor.

    Has not the master-list to wordpress 3.5 troubleshooting, anything about this issue??

    You may want to search the form for similar topic, if it be an upgrade error, then it must be posted somewhere in the forum.

    I didn’t see anything about this issue there. I’m starting to think it is something else. When I edit a post my client published it strips the links, BUT if I create a new post myself on her blog, same info, pictures and links and publish and edit it works fine… that is incredibly odd.


    Did you find a way to manage this issue?

    I have the same problem, it’s so weird and so… frustrating!

    Not yet, I actually have a meeting with my client today to see how exactly she is posting to compare my process to hers and try to pinpoint where the issue gets created. Will keep you posted.

    In my case, it seems that the editor misplaces sometimes the A tag so when I update the post, auto-formatting delete some of the code.

    But I have no idea why the WP editor acts like this.

    So, for now, I don’t use the visual editor, only the HTML editor, it’s safer.

    I am sorry, I can’t help about this issue.
    But as an aid, before you publish/edit the post, remember to save the html in a text file.
    So, if it removes few tags, you will not have to work again.

    My client is not html savvy so the normal editor has to work for her. When she publishes the article it works fine, but if she goes backs to edit it, then it strips the links.

    So far I’ve noticed that her links are around paragraph tags… when I take them from around the paragraph, they don’t get stripped after being edited.

    Example of what her links look like:

    <a href="#"><p style="text-align: center;">Click Here For Plaid Shirt</p></a>

    I’m not sure how she is creating the links that it’s wrapping them outside of the paragraph tag but I’ll figure that out at our meeting.

    Update: The links get stripped when we hit the Center alignment!

    If I hit ctrl+A and center, it’s ok, BUT if I highlight the lines text that have links, then it adds paragraph tags around each line and moves the link tags outside the paragraph tag, which then gets stripped.

    Any ideas why this happens? How to fix it?

    It also happens if I hit center align before I even type one thing.

    The issue is the Center Align button and links put together. By disabling wpautop in the TinyMCE plugin I was able to help the links not get stripped, however the center align still works quirky. It will sometimes center all lines of text, but mostly it will center everything except the lines that are links.

    Now that I discovered it was the center align button, I tried it on my blog as well and it has the same problem so it’s an overall glitch.

    My solution is have my client write/format the posts in Word and then just copy paste into WordPress. That seems to work just fine.

    Hope the next WordPress update resolves this!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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