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  • So I went and noticed the addition of ‘Notes’ to the fields in Links. But how do I go about using them?
    See the problem is that so far I’ve used Description quite a bit, but since I want to do something a bit more advanced with the links system (sort of a mini content management system or something like that) the inclusion of HTML support is much needed.
    For an example of what I want to do have a look at this ‘sketch’ of my new design, it’s the two green boxes out on the right. (Never mind the design, it’s a sketch 🙂
    Ideally I would want the get_links to automatically format everything, but seeing as it’s quite rigid in what it can do I’ll need to format the title of the box in the notes using HTML.

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  • Hi Michael,
    If you have a look in the file wp-links/links.php there is a new function get_linkobjects() .
    This function works a little like the main WP ‘loop’. It returns an array of link objects you can loop through with a foreach loop, and you can refer to each of the elements of a link individually within your loop.
    So you can do something like
    $links = get_linkobjects(1);
    if ($links) {
    foreach ($links as $link) {
    echo <<<LINK
    <td rowspan=”2″>link_url”><img src=”$link->link_image” /></td>
    (I’ve not tried this exact example but you get the idea)
    All the available fields are documented in the file with the function.
    Hope this helps,

    I think some formatting might’ve been lost here 🙂 Could you mail it to me on Thanks a lot!

    Did you get this working OK? I also had problems using what was posted- it seems to be missing a few characters or something. I’m not quite sharp enough with php to put it together..



    <?php $links = get_linkobjects(1);
    if ($links) {foreach ($links as $link) {echo <<<LINK
    <div class="memberslinkpost">
    <div class="memberslinkimagecolumn">
    link_url"><img src="$link->link_image" />
    <div class="memberslinktextcolumn">
    <span style="color: #567F88; text-transform: lowercase; float: right; padding-right: 8px;
    ">« $link->link_description</span>
    <div class="memberslinktextbody">

    This is what I have in my page now with CSS divs added in. Thought it might be useful to someone.

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