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  • My dashboard shows a term LINKS. When I click on it it shows a few things to fill out. I have no idea why it is there, what use the links are, where categories show up, why I am asked for a slug or what any of it is for. I have been using WordPress for several years now. Someday perhaps I will accidentally run into a paragraph that tells me why I care about tags or categories. For now, they are just some surplus annoyances that WordPress keeps talking about. I am sure I could use them cleverly and do something worthwhile but I will never find out from within WordPress. Once again, WP shoots itself in the foot with lousy explanations and support that is only directed at deep technical questions requiring complex coding. The shame is that it could be so much better, so easily, if anyone good at explaining things took over the help sections. The same goes for Firefox and Thunderbird and every other Open Source software I have ever tried to use. On the plus side, the initial installation is much better now as is every technical feature. If only I knew what they do. And what the hell is a backtick? (below this message) Putting a word in quotes is not an explanation. The word “tags” is well explained though.

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    The Links Manager is used to display list of links to other sites on your site. For example, on, the General, Tools and Blogs section in the left-hand sidebar are all off site links managed via the Link manager.

    Tags & categories allow you to organise your site’s content for your visitors. The Glossary is a great place to get short definitions of most of this jargon. The Codex generally contains pretty much everything you might want to know but, mindful that the amount of technical documentation can be off-putting, work is actively underway to develop and publish a non-technical Users Manual.

    A “backtick” looks like an italicised single quote mark. Its position does vary according to your keyboard but ion my current (UK) keyboard, it’s the key immediately below the ESC key.

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