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  • I use my “Links” to create lists of icons that point to different posts on my site. This works fine if I use absolute addresses with http://

    The problem is both the Link’s URI and the Image URI for the icon are local to my site so for the sake of portability I want to use an address like /graphics/icons/project-1.jpg instead of having to add the full to the front of it.

    If I do enter a relative address, it doesn’t work at all. Instead, it adds the http:// automatically, which becomes http://graphics/icons/project-1.jpg. This is for both the Link URI and the Image URI.

    Is there any way to override this? Other than this, these link lists work perfectly for my needs.

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  • This seems to be a new behavior since 1.2.1 ??? I have a number of links dating back to 1.2 (okay, not all that old) and whenver they get edited, they get the ‘http://’ thrown in front of them…. which renders them totally useless.

    “feature” creep!

    if you use PHPMyAdmin (or another interface to your MySQL database) the following query will strip the unnecessary headers from your URIs:

    UPDATE ip_links SET link_url = REPLACE ( link_url, "http:///", "/" );

    Er, be sure to replace ip_ with whatever your WP-prefix really is

    Uh, anybody? “Official” response? etc?


    I note that I cannot use the Links Manage in an Intranet setting to point to file resources (no “http://” prefix).

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