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    I have qTranslate installed (main WP language German, 2ndary language English). Hence the links generated by The Events Calendar are: (event list, upcoming events) (month, calendar view)

    However, when I view the page in English, the links are “translated” to and
    – which do not exist, see above.

    This is due to the following: In link.php, the functions tribe_get_gridview_link have the links hardcoded. IMO, this is a bug: Either, the permalinks should always be the English (“upcoming”, “month”, …; no translation of the permalinks), or the functions in link.php should take translation into consideration the same way it is done when generating the permalinks.

    Workaround: Open link.php and edit the calls
    $output = $tribe_ecp->getLink('month', false, $term); to $output = $tribe_ecp->getLink('monat', false, $term);
    (just exchange the English word with the appropriate German word that suits your permalink structure). Your workaround will break the next time you update The Events Calendar, since the link.php file will be overwritten by the update.

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  • Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Glad to hear you found a workaround here, bkatrin. Thanks for sharing this. We were previously under the assumption that this was a Qtranslate issue ( but based on your note I’m going to see if our devs have a way to incorporate your tweak into the codebase, so it isn’t lost on future updates. No guarantees but I have logged this with them and as long as it doesn’t create an unwanted conflict, we should be able to work it in without issue.

    Sounds like you’re all set here for now, and I’m adjusting the status of this ticket to reflect that, but please let me know if we can do anything else.

    Sorry to disappoint you – the “solution” I outlined didn’t work out all the way through as I found out later (but slovenly forgot to update in this issue) :-/

    But thanks for the link to the qTranslate thread, I’ll try that method!

    Whichever of either (qTranslate or Events Calendar) fixes the problem – I guess users will just be happy if it works out of the box 🙂

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    We’re hoping that the 3.0 release eases out-of-the-box compatibility with qTranslate, too.

    Hello bkatrin,

    I don’t know if you ever fixed this, but what I’ve found might help someone else so I post it anyway… Qtranslate gives you an handy function to convert URLs, so let’s say you have the events/ folder inside your theme folder (to customize The Event Calendar), just wrap tribe_get_gridview_link(), tribe_get_listview_link() and tribe_get_event_link() functions inside a qtrans_convertURL function, like this for example:

    <?php echo qtrans_convertURL(tribe_get_gridview_link()); ?>

    Hope this is clear enough!


    Thanks for sharing that heartbox! Hopefully it will help others.

    Hi, has anyone tried wrapping those three functions with the qtranslate function as heartbox mentioned? Any luck that it’s working now?

    Hi Sky,

    I tried it and I’m currently using it. It works but I ended up translating only certain pages (like single events) because it’s not a method you can rely on 100%, it’s more a quick fix actually…
    Hope you’ll be able to find a way that suits you best, but if you need a solid solution you’d probably wait for v3.0 as Rob said.
    Don’t be afraid on contacting these guys for problems anyway, they have a good support system 😉 I say it for personal experience.


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