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  • Katinka Hesselink


    I’m on the latest wordpress version, running the thesis theme, with various plugins.

    The site is large, hundreds of pages. In addition we had hundreds of pdf’s that were left in their old directory structure, and we just link to them from wordpress.

    Similarly, we have images in that old directory structure.

    When I’d just built the site, the images loaded just fine, now they don’t. Same with the links to pdfs: many stopped working. Internal links within wordpress are also somehow broken.

    A link to an uploaded PDF (within wordpress) also broke at one point. I don’t remember what I did – but ultimately it did stick.

    I can of course try and redo each broken link – but if wordpress breaks them again, it’s no help.

    Any idea what the issue might be? We’ve had trouble with this host – so it might be something on their end, however, I thought I’d check here first.

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