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    Hello, I tried to search for the answer problem to see if it was already answered but the search didn’t come up with anything so here goes…

    I just set up my wordpress blog but all of the links on it are going to my homepage. Here is the link to my blog: If you click on comments, or category or whatever…all of the links are forwarded to my hompage? Please help! Thanks!

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  • Does the script you use for the store use a htaccess file that might cause that?

    Also, an option might be to use rewrite rules without a htaccess file (if you don’t have the option to use that). Or if you can use a htaccess file, I would use one. That will probably take care of the problem.

    I did find an htaccess file. What should I edit on it? Can I edit it? If so, what kind of application do I use to edit it?

    Leave the htacces file alone for now. Go into your admin panel, check for options and then permalinks. Notice how the top option (default) is checked. If the following doesn’t work put it back to default.

    Choose custom, and specify the following:


    Press the update permaling structure button, and go check your blog. If the links are ok now, you can leave as is. If you still have problems, put it back to default, and post back. Then we’ll talk about creating a htaccess file for your links.

    The htaccess file is at

    but the WordPress stuff is at

    I didn’t create this htaccess file and I think my server either put it there or it is a part of the Miva store that we have. I am a little nervous about screwing around with it. Will you tell me how I can safetly edit it and what application I should use to edit it? What do I need to change in this htaccess file that is causing these links to go to my homepage? Thanks!

    HAHA! I think we both replied at the same time. I will try appying the admin settings that you reccommended and I’ll let you know if that works. Thanks!

    WOO HOO!! It worked!! Awesom. You guys are great!! Now that’s the easy part…the hard part is customizing the default template to match the rest of the pages on my site! lol! Wish me luck! Thanks so much for your help!

    Good luck. 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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