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  • Seems that its a problem with some plugin. deactivate all the plugins, activate the default theme TwentyTen and report us.

    Your site is perfectly OK.
    Link 1: It takes you to the post. Comments appear below. You see only what can be seen without scrolling down.
    Link 2: You only see the comments because the post is above, and the URL portion /#comments is used to bring the comments as it appears now.

    Where do you find the problem?

    @abhishek Ghosh,
    Did you check the site? Read my opinion and check again.

    Hi Krishna,

    Thanks for your response, I’m really dreading changing the theme as Abhishek suggested.

    My problem is that the text and links in the post do not appear consistently, just the post image does. When the URL is without the /#comments it does show the post text & links.

    But, when the URL is with /#comments it does not show the post text & links… just the image.

    See this link. I want the browser to show only from your comment and downwards. Click it and see.

    You too can see for yourself.

    @ Krishna : When I was typing probably both of you posted! Thats great.

    Basically her problems are two (what I understood) :

    1. Comments not appearing rightly (that Krishna pointed out).

    2. Text are not appearing on post content area.

    @abhishek Ghosh,
    It is OK. It is because of the way she expressed the problem. I too was confused at first. No problem, it happens sometimes.
    @koehmstedt, It is ‘honest’ mistake. We all try to help our members as best as we can. To err is human!

    Anyway, did you check the link of this page I illustrated above?

    Probably she wants to ask – ./2012/06/handwritten-free-fonts/ ; text is showing, but .2012/06/handwritten-free-fonts/handwritten-fonts/#comments showing comments and picture only.

    Your example is actually a bit different. It is used here to mention a particular comment here on forum.

    Yes, thank you Abhishek, that is exactly what I wanted to ask:

    ./2012/06/handwritten-free-fonts/ ; text is showing.
    .2012/06/handwritten-free-fonts/handwritten-fonts/#comments showing comments and picture only… The content of the post is missing except the image.

    Krishna, the link you posted is a link to a comment in this thread. Not sure what I am suppose to gain from that.

    No. The purpose is the same, and it is used exactly for that by her.

    OK, sorry, but I’m not understanding how that helps me with site. Please, in layman terms. Thanks.

    Well, do you think your problem is solved or not? That is the real question.

    Nope, not at all. The text & links in the post still do not appear when I visit .2012/06/handwritten-free-fonts/handwritten-fonts/#comments

    The text & links in the post still do not appear when I visit .2012/06/handwritten-free-fonts/handwritten-fonts/#comments

    It will not show anything above the comment if you use #comments. That is my point. That is why I gave your own comment’s example.

    @ koehmstedt :

    Please deactivate all the plugins and activate Twenty Eleven Theme.

    Link to your Plugin settings page (copy paste to browser address bar and hit Enter key) :

    Link to your Theme page (copy paste to browser address bar and hit Enter key) :

    If in that condition problems get solved, then we need to find the particular plugin or theme (that is second step).

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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