• My site will be mostly with links to download my free PDF files and I’m wondering what’s the best SEO strategy:

    1. File Name (file name being a link)
    2. Just text File Name with Download button next to it?
    3. both File name being link and download button being link?

    I would appreciate your opinion on which strategy I should use since that is important part of my website.

    Thank you,

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  • Hi Jim,

    It’s not clear if these are off-site on on-site links you’re talking about. In any case, the link text should be a keyword for the PDF content, for example: Download my report on <link to PDF>10 Top Traffic Strategies</link> for FREE.

    Be careful creating non-organic links offsite, especially if your site content doesn’t change much. Google will sniff out and bury offsite links that look unnatural.

    There are a few way to do it right. We can carry on the conversation if you like, but I hope that answers your main question.

    — Kevin.

    Hi Kevin,

    Site is static and it will have 30 pages, 300 sub-pages with around 2,000 links to download free PDF files from my database.
    To be specific its product specifications, (Brand, Year manufactured, product)

    What would be the best approach for this?

    I like option 1. File Name (file name being a link). My personal opinion is that you do not need buttons at all.

    The rationale is that they are product specs and not necessarily calls to action. If you were selling something, using buttons like the way Amazon does makes more sense.

    Just use concise, yet descriptive, anchor text for your links.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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