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Links and Link Categories

  • Hi,
    Why do we have Link Categories ? Is there a way of displaying Links such that links can be shown under their respective categories, rather than under the header Links or something ?

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  • Yes, the first parameter in the call to get_links() in your template is the link category number. -1 the default means display all categories.
    There is also a version of the function called get_linksbyname() which allows you to use the category name as the first parameter.
    All the functions are documented in wp-links/link.php
    I am working on a much more intuitive interface to the link categories, but I’m not yet sure when it will be ready.

    Hmm. Ok. So how do i use this? I completly n00b on this..

    Do you mean Link Categories ?
    Great Blogs
    – Andy
    – Norman
    – CNN
    – BBC
    etc ?
    If so, Options > Links > Link Categories.
    Scroll down, create new category, then add links to it.
    Apologies if I’m off target with this 🙂

    I’m actually having a problem getting this to work on my blog…I set up the new link categories and get nothing.
    They have been created, but do not show up on the index page…
    Any answers to why this happening???

    I would like Link Catagories to be able to change the orders… such as I have 4 Link catagories and I would like them to be sorted other then ABC. My current catagories: 1. Blogs 2. Friends 3. Links 4. Y! Groups but I would like them to be in this order: 1. Links 2. Blogs 3. Y! Groups 4. Friends but I can not find a way to do that … anyone have any idea if in the future they are working on making Link Catagories more customizable?

    Put spaces before the Link Category name. More spaces = higher up it appears relative to the others. Ugly, but it works.
    @anon – link to your page please ?

    In wich file i can find output for the word “Links”, which appear in top right corner? 🙂

    Login > Links > Link Categories
    Edit to alter




    Ganges – ignore podz, he hasn’t had much sleep lately. It would be in your index.php file (assuming 1.2.x). It’s in the section that defines your menu area.
    Anderton – I’d give you a link to the wiki that would describe the call to display links, but the Wiki appears to be on the fritz again.

    Sorry, i am a moron, i find the possibility to edit this word in default admin interface.
    WP is excellent stuff, thanx.

    Moderator James Huff


    Look in index.php for the link get_links() and change that to get_links_list() .

    Is this a bug in WP?
    When creating a link, I added code for Amazon’s affiliate program (<iframe src=”http://…..) on the URL line.
    Now when I go to Manage Links I get only get a text book under this link category and the button allowing me to delete this link has disappeared.
    Does anyone know how to manually go in and remove this link?
    You can see this link on the right hand side of my site where the link missing a photo is:
    Thanks for any clues on how to fix this problem.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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