• Hi,

    My uploaded wordpress site does not show images and the menu links don’t work as well but the back-end works fine (wp admin). I have tried resetting the permalink but to no avail.
    Need urgent help to ensure the online site works efficiently.
    My site address is: http://dodafricmradi.com/


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  • Hello @philmania,

    Your site is still looking for resources in your localhost (localhost/dodafricmradi/). How did you uploaded your site?

    I recommend you using Duplicator Plugin. First install it on your local WordPress and use it to migrate 😉

    Please let me know if you need help using the plugin.

    On reading the FAQs it says this Duplicator Plugin does not work with WP Multisite.

    Sounds like you had a different domain or base URL and the links (embedded images, actual text links) are no longer valid because they point to the old one?

    Try downloading your database SQL dump and using something like Notepad++ or another solid text editor to search and replace the old “http://blahblahOld.com/oldthing/” with “http://blahblahNew/newthing/”, loading that back into your database and going from there.

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    Much thanks (Jorge Calle) for the help, Duplicator Plugin was magic in correcting the urls…… but homepage redirection persists. Further assistance will be highly appreciated.

    Glad to know it worked @philmania. Could you please describe the homepage redirection issue with more details so I can look into your site?


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    all links redirect to homepage……

    site: http://www.dodafricmradi.com

    I see. In the admin panel, go to: Settings->Permalinks. Once there, please verify that you have selected the Post Name option.
    And be sure to click Save Changes even if you didn’t make any change.

    Please let me know how it goes 😉

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    it did not work

    Hello @philmania,
    Did you make a database change? I’m currently not able to access your site :/

    Ok, I just checked your site and it is back online 😀

    Before going into more technical details, could you please disable all the plugins and see if your site still redirecting all the links?


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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