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  • Most links on the public site and many buttons in the admin area will work only after you click them several times. This is very strange and annoying.

    Not sure, but this could be caused by the strange way internal links are generated. For example a link to a full article is:

    There is no script name there. Is my blog misconfigured?

    Anyone else seen this problem?

    Is there a fix for it?


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  • Isn’t here something with your server? Clicking the link you gave 4 times out of 5 gets “Page cannot be displayed”.

    Well, this is the problem I am talking about. I was wondering if this is caused by those strange /?p= links…

    Strange… some of them work perfectly, others are hesitant 🙂
    The category links (similar structure: index.php?cat=2) work well.
    archive links work well, too.
    Did you change anything in the Permalink options?

    (măi, unde ai umblat unde nu trebuie?)

    It was the Spam Stopgap plugin. As soon as I deactivated it everything works fine.

    Now I need some other way to stop spam, Spam Stopgap was not very effective anyhow.

    Isn’t Spam Stopgap the standard plugin that goes out with 1.5? If yes, then there is a problem…

    (mă ÅŸi miram de unde vine acest “moshu”, mulÅ£am de ajutor)

    Except Hello Dolly, Markdown and textile1 nothing else comes with 1.5 as “standard plugin”.
    See this thread about Spam Stopgap:

    There is spam stopgap, and then it’s successor Wp-Haschash is that what you are referring to? Hashcash was designed to work with 1.5, I’m not sure Stopgap was

    Thanks a lot guys, it looks like Spam Stopgap was left over from WP 1.2, I did not realize that.

    I’ll check WP-Haschash…

    I installed WP-Hashcash and the quickly removed it 🙁

    There is something fundamentally wrong with this class of plugins. This latest one will just keep the browser waiting in a loop, randomly of course.

    Is there a decent spam plugin that you can recommend?

    I use Spam Karma to get rid of spam comments and trackbacks.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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