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  • i rarely ever get replies on here, but i figured i would give it a shot because this is something i have been trying to do for qquite some time.

    i have made a neat little template/authors.php file that looks just like i want and works. Right now, the only way to view someone’s profile is by clicking on their nickname listed under the ‘offline’ list generated by my AJAXed users online plugin. i do not want to be limited to this. i want to provide multile ways of naivigating to a person profile page:

    1. How can i make the nickname that is displayed (or even the avatar [i have dan’s avatar plugin]) on the comments mage become links to that person’s profile?

    2. anyone know how to modify AJAXed Users online plugin to make the online list of users linkable as well as the offline users?

    3. lastly, i know how to generate a list of authors, but i am unsure how to generate a list of all subscribers and make that list linkable to the matching users profile page.

    thank you.
    example of my profile page:
    feel free to contact me if you want to know how i put together my profile page. it was rather easy, but i know others have been trying to accomplish this.

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  • damn. my userpic thing isnt working. can someone help with this at least? it displays the logged in users userpic on every one elses profile page and doesnt display one at all if you are not logged in

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