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linking to post from second install

  • Hi, I searched but didnt quite find an answer to my question. I was interested in using two different themes on one site. I found through searching that I would need two separate wordpress install which i did( I’m doing it on local install) I have one theme for the main site and another theme for a section of the main site. Right now I have set up the second site for the section with a different theme from the main site. Now I want it so that when someone clicks on the menu item, they will be taken to the second site for that section. Once there ..Once they click on a photo they will be taken back to the main site to read the details or post pertaining to the image.( instead of the post that is located on the second theme) i thought I could just just change the permalink but the section theme adds a category that isn’t included in the main theme permalink for ex

    main them is .com/wordpress/post title while the section permalink is

    .com/wordpress/tvshow/post title.

    is there anyway I can have link the section theme photo to the

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  • First of all, two separate sites is not Multisite 🙂

    Secondly, if you want a link to point to the main site, it’s just a link, same as with any website.

    It’s much more than linking to the main site, That I know how to do!!! The way the second site is set up..clicking on a photo opens the blogpost for that photo( it’s built into the theme so it does it automatically) What I am trying to do is have the photo open or link to the blogpost on the main site instead of the post it is linked to automatically on the second site. I tried changing the permalink but because the second site automatically includes an extra word as in the url example I posted above. it will not work.

    clicking on a photo opens the blogpost for that photo

    Right. That’s (generally) a link.

    Without seeing your site, what you’ve described is this:

    <a href="http://examaple.com"><img src="http://example.com/image.jpg" /></a>

    What I am trying to do is have the photo open or link to the blogpost on the main site instead of the post it is linked to automatically on the second site.

    I don’t see what the problem is. If the image is automatically linked to a post, then you’re probably talking about a featured image, and that whole section is auto-generated, like on your post archives.

    If you’re trying to change THAT functionality, then you should ask yourself ‘How does it know where it’s going?’

    The answer you gave ‘It’s built into the theme’ means that while you can change it, you’re going to have to edit your theme for it.

    1) Are the posts on the main site or the child site?
    2) Do you want ALL the posts on the child site to link back to the parent?

    May I message you and explain it better to you. I really don’t want to post my idea in the open.

    Sorry, free forum support is on the forums or not at all.

    well let’s see if I can explain this better. One template I’m using is a regular custom template. The second or child site template is an image based template. in the backend. it has an area for posts and also a second area for movies or television in which I would click on add new show and make my post.( it is not made by clicking on new post). after I make the post and add the featured image, it ( the image them appears on the frontpage. ( the front page is composed entirely of featured post images) and when I hover over the image the picture will show the time the show aires, and the stars. if I click on the image, it will then take you to the page in which I made the post (the post I made by clicking on “add new show” not “add new post”) it is this post that I would like to bypass and instead have it link to a different post on the main page. I have tried altering the permalink with no luck and there is no way to add a link to the featured image. I hope I have explained myself well enough.

    Yes, I would like all the post on the child site to link back to the parent. I am just using the child site because I like the format of all the images on the frontpage.

    Okay. There’s nothing Multisite specific about your question (if they were two totally separate sites, the answer would be the same).

    You will need to heavily modify your theme, and that’s a question best asked in the theme subforum. I can move this post for you if you’d like.

    yes please!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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