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  • This is going to be long, so please bear with me:

    I managed to blow up my site about a week and a half ago, and fortunately had backed up everything. While I was going through this intensely stressful period, I restarted the work on my site with the new design I had planned.

    Well, the new site (under construction) is beauteous, and while I would like to have all of my old stuff, here’s the question.

    Is there any way that I can link my old database to an “archive” type site that’s linkable from the new site so that my old readers can still access the old information. Just about everything I write is time-sensitive, so having an archive link would be fine.

    I tried to do it once, but ended up with a database error and the information wasn’t available.

    With all of that being said, I’d still like to have the past month or so of postings on the new site so that readers will have a point of reference. If that means cutting and pasting, then that’s okay with me.

    Is this even possible? Does this make sense?

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