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  • Hi there, new to this and not quite sure what I’m doing. I’m using the Lucid theme (where there is no sidebar for the automatically generated archive links), so I’m wondering what to plug into the link space in the top navigation bar? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

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  • Uh-oh, I think I’m in trouble. Did a lot of head-scratching while reading through the page you linked for me. I thought it would be as simple as figuring out what url to put in the a href thing of the navigational menu the layout uses (for the archives). I’m not very familiar with php and only have a enough knowledge of css to tweak it a bit, so I’m kind of floundering here.

    Is there anyone or any info that can explain this for the php-challenged? Shorter sentences, simple words, etc. 😉

    Well, you didn’t study enough your own template 🙂
    I just checked and it has an Archives template.
    So, all you have to do: go Write >Write Page > and select from the Page templates drop-down menu the “archives” template — and click the Create new page button. Of course, give it a title.
    Then go to the Manage Pages and look up what the page_id # is. Write down, remember.
    In the href you can put an URI like this:
    <a href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/?page_id=XX">Archives</a> where XX is the page_id # of your page.

    OK, this is where I’m confused–when I go to Write Page I see no page templates drop-down menu. The only drop-down menus are “Parent Page” (which just include other pages) and down further under “Custom Fields” where you can select “wp_page_template” and assign a key and value, and OF COURSE I have no idea what that means, or if it relates to what I’m trying to do here. 🙂

    Am I in the wrong place? Write > Write Page (where the only other option would have been “Write Post”)?

    Under the Create new page button on the left isn’t there a Page Options section with the Page Template drop-down?

    OK, mea culpa!
    Before my other post I just took a quick look at the files list in the theme and I saw a file called archives.php – so I assumed that would be a template. Actually that file’s correct name should be archive.php… no s at the end, according to WP documentation!
    see here:
    Complains should be directed to the author 🙂
    So archives.php normally should be a Page template to create separate Page for your archive listings. There is probably a workaround even in that theme, it just takes time.

    Ai ai ai! I think I’ll need some serious caffeine to dig into that. 😀 Will definitely take a look at it though. I’m beginning to think it might actually be easier to MOVE closer to family instead of keep a photoblog for them. 😉

    I suppose changing archives to archive won’t and wouldn’t be as simple as changing the file name…? No, I think I can pretty much answer that one on my own.

    Thanks for the help! And no apologies necessary, an “s” is easy to miss. 🙂

    Well, actually the “s” was missed by the theme author 🙂
    Seeing just the file name (and not its content) I assumed s/he was aware of the list of files that have specific meaning in WP template structure.
    In plain English – s/he screwed up, not you (or me) 🙂

    What’s Lucid based on? Could you copy the relevant template from Kubrick or Classic?

    Well, it’s possible, the problem is in conflicting file names:

    The theme used has archives.php where it should be archive.php.

    Should be able to copy both from the “parent” theme, overwriting the “wrong” one, then have both…. can’t hurt to try, I guess, since it’s not working the way it should presently anyway.

    Hmmm… are there more than 1 Lucide themes? I downloaded it to my local install but it looks totally different. Lost 🙁

    Gosh. Don’t know Moshu. I think the only one I know of is the one shown on various of the theme lists out there…. Or maybe the OP had already done a lot of tweaking?

    Maybe. On the other hand I tried to move some templates into it, but this theme is sooooooooo screwed up, that nothing works. It has a lot of function code inside the templates + its own functions file, 5 css files, 2 js files – sorry, I gave up.
    I am not a theme genius, but this is not a way to make a theme and release it to the public.

    Well, jeez. In that case, no wonder the OP is having problems. I hadn’t ever really looked at it closely as it’s just not my “style”.

    Guess the next thing for storymom to do is talk to the theme author.

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