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    I want users to be able to link outside my website gallery to the actual website url after clicking on an image displayed in my free version of Portfolio Slideshow. I’m running latest WP 3.5.1 using the latest Portfolio Slideshow 1.5.1. my site is located here

    Currently the image files are playing perfectly as you an see. I can toggle back and forth or click to move to the next slide with the embedded player. I would like to have a way for users to click on a link “Go to site” listed below image in the title or somewhere it can be seen. This would be ideal since I do not want to disable the function that allows you to click on large or thumbnail images and move forward through the gallery.

    Many different posts have suggested ways to do this with the free version and none work for me. PS builders say a feature is already built in. Take a look at the last screenshot on this page:

    That’s the field where I’ve entered the destination URL for each image and no go. So can someone please point me in the right direction?


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  • Just found this about links in Codex. Is this where I should be linking these slider images from?


    Hello out there? Anyone?

    Note that my site link has been updated in ref to question:

    As noted above, I could not find a way to link to a live site using caption text link. This is such a basic thing I guess the dev left it out. The Pro version does not do this either!

    My work around: Tell users how to link to a website in caption “Tap on image to see live site”. This is archaic I know, but there is no other solution inside the player. I could use another player of course but I like this one and my upgrade to the Pro version.

    Does anyone know how to code this option in? (or a plugin?)

    I’m using this short code to help move to the external link with a click on the main image: [portfolio_slideshow click=openurl] This works fine. But you have to click on the image to make it work as the text tells you to. I want to be able to add a link to the text so users just click and I don’t have to tell them, so basic….

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks


    You’ll more likely get help by posting in the plugin’s own sub-forum:

    Thanks WPyugi… done.

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