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  • I want to write essays (posts or pages or . . .) that link to other information. There are three types of link I want to be able to insert into a (any?) piece of writing that I post on my site.

    1. Links to other sites. This must be the easiest (?) to achieve, [one problem is my Admin Panel doesn’t display the icons so I can’t see what I’m doing!] I would like to ambed a hyperlink to another site, that displayed as such (maybe in the usual blue underlined font), and which preferably forced the browser to call the other site in a different window.
    2. Links to other articles, pages etc located within the site. It would be helpful if these links were also called up in another window to allow research to be carried out and developed on parallel tracks at the same time.
    3. A link that brought up an information box when the mouse hovered over it. In the same way that links in the side panel of the default template display a short description. The information boxes I need would have to be word wrapped and considerably bigger than these though.

    I am a little daunted by the need to learn php etc but if I have to . . .

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I haven’t even been able to find out how to insert a link in a post yet.


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