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  • Hello.

    I’m wondering how to link pages under a specific parent. My example:

    What I want to happen is for the visitor to be able to click on any page and have the “previous” and “next” links show up for easy navigation through this parent, and only this parent. I could then follow suit for other parent pages.

    I’ve tried just about all I could find from wp_link_pages to plugins and cannot seem to get anything to work out. I would think this should be a very basic enhancement. I disabled and removed all previous attempts so I can get a fresh start so any help you can provide is GREATLY appreciated.

    – JT

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  • Interesting question.

    In the case of posts in a given category, it’s possible to use the previous_post_link() (and the corresponding next_post_link()) setting the in_same_cat parameter to TRUE to get behavior similar to what you’re describing.

    For a single “page” that has page breaks inserted with <!--nextpage-->, Styling Page-Links has some suggestions, but it sounds as if that’s not what you want, either.

    If I understand the question, what you’ve got is a page hierarchy set up using the Page Parent and Page Order drop downs on the Edit Page panel, and you want to navigate from one page to the next.

    Code I’ve used for a similar application (showing the child/sibling pages in the sidebar) is posted at pastebin. It’d need significant change to do what you want, but I’d think the building blocks would be the same.

    On the other hand, if someone’s got a good answer to your question, I’d expect I’d be able to use that to improve my strategy.

    Correct, neither are quite what I am going for but I do appreciate the time and effort.

    To recap and provide better detail of the request…

    There is a parent page titled “Lineups & Flyers” with several siblings underneath it. Clicking the “Lineups…” link via the sidebar widget produces the following:

    Lineups & Flyers

    * 2001.1
    * 2002.1
    * 2002.2
    * 2002.3
    * 2003.1
    * 2003.2
    * 2003.3
    * 2004.1
    * 2004.2
    * 2004.3
    * 2004.4
    * 2005.1
    * 2005.2
    * 2005.3
    * 2005.4
    * 2005.5
    * 2005.6
    * 2006.1
    * 2006.2
    * 2006.3
    * 2006.4
    * 2006.5
    * 2007.1

    What I wish to happen is for a visitor to be able to click any of those pages and have “next” and “previous” links to navigate with, but only within this parent page of “Lineups…”

    I’m stuck with the same issue as well and have posted the issue as well. Hope somebody can help out with this one.

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