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    I’m not using the plugin yet, just started to read the docs and trying around..

    I can’t find info about something essential for my project (and basic wordpress use, in my understanding): linking markers to posts.

    I can put a link to a post in the marker’s popup text, but for a large number of markers that need to be linked to their post, it’s not a very handy way to proceed.
    The best would be to have a marker meta box directly in the post.. or something like that.

    Does the plugin include some functionality like that or close to?

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  • Plugin Author RobertHarm


    Hi Lore,

    thanks for your interest in our plugin. Our plugin is shortcode base – you first can create maps on the related admin pages of our plugin and then add the related shortcode to a post, page or widget. On posts pages a tinymce button helps you in finding the right shortcode to insert into a map.



    thanks for your reply

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