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    how do you hyperlink the info boxes on the home page? I try to insert hyperlinks but it doesn’t work. I would like to link either the image or the main text under

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    Not working for you?

    <a href="">[info_box]Content for second column [/info_box]</a>



    how could i link only the icon_url?

    Wonder same thing! Link to whole thing doesn’t look so good. I had to change link style.
    Looks like this right now, but i prefer also to link to icon or title.

    a href=”http://www.”>[info_box icon_url=”” title=”Title” type_column=”alpha”]text [/info_box] </a

    I would also like to just link the Icon.
    At present the text gets underlined and changes color.
    I imagine this is why Alice changed the link style.\
    I just had a quick look at the style.css but could not find any underline reference. So Alice did you just add to the style.css or edit it? and perhaps you could let me know what. Thanks.

    I managed to change the style.css to remove the underlining using
    text-decoration: none;
    and set the color in-line using

    still would be nice if it was just the Icon with the link. P.

    Forgot to use the backticks.
    should have read..

    and set the color in-line using

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    Add link url only for icon image is not possible. You can add link to all info box area or add link or button below text.

    About styles, you can use theme options features – custom css to add styles for infobox links.

    .info_box a {
    text-decoration: none

    Yes Pete
    I just edited it. Color:inherit and text-decoration:none

    But i see better solution which author provider:) Will do that instead!

    Any updates on this issue in 1.2?

    I still can’t link any thing to info boxes. Just don’t know where I am going wrong??

    I have put the a href everywhere but the code just shows up on the front page.

    site here

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    As you can see in change log
    no any updates for shortcodes in 1.2


    I’m thinking of switching my site over to Fruitful Theme. Love the look. The only thing holding me back is if I can get the info boxes to link to a page on my site. From the opening message, it looks like you can but following the example… I can’t get it to work. The code shows up & isn’t linking. This is the format I took from above to apply to my site:

    [info_box]Content for second column [/info_box]

    Thank you for the direction. (I’m crossing my fingers)


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    Maybe you forgot to add [info_box_area] … [/info_box_area] ?

    Shortcode examples

    How can I remove the underline for all the links?
    Could you give me some code for the custom css?

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    You can create a new thread here:

    I had the same problem and simply added some additional code to my Fruitful child theme’s functions.php. Now I specify the “icon-link” in the shortcode and if it’s not blank, the icon will be a link.

    If you’re interested in the code, let me know and I’ll post it.

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