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  • Is there a way to give the images in the gallery a link to other pages, not the image itself? I can’t seem to make this happen. Maybe a plugin or widget? Best thing would be if I could just add another field in the gallery window to allow for a link. Seems like this is something that other people would need to do as well.

    Thanks a lot for any help with this.

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  • What ?
    In images gallery, you want that instead of the link to the images, there is link to page ? Is that correct ?

    I’ve tried to change the link in 1 of my post, into the Gallery images options. After save my changes, it seems it doesn’t work.

    I want to link to another page, not the image itself, or the page the image sits on. I basically, want to use the images as a button to another, by me specifiable page.

    Yeah, if I enter something, it snaps back.
    So I need another custom field, or another way to do this. I was thinking that there must be a plugin that extends the gallery window to do this? This seems like something many people would want to do?

    OK, but you want to use this only in a gallery ?
    Because this is why it’s not possible.

    You can basically insert an images and put the link of your page on it, no ?

    The problem is that, I don’t use these images on this page, but in the sidebar for this page and so need to get them dynamically.

    Can I have the URL of your page ?

    Can’t send you that, but I can send you a screen shot or code sample. What did you want to see?

    Ha ha ! sure, code sample !!!
    paste it here

    Sorry, of what though? How I get my images?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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