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  • I’m making a blog that’s actually primarily for syndication. It’s going to consist of links to other material – audio, video, as well as html. Would it really incur the wrath of bloggers if I linked directly to their posted material? Obviously I would attribute, but I’m not sure if direct-linking would ruffle some feathers regardless.

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  • Are you kidding? Links are the currency bloggers trade in. Why do you think blogrolls and trackbacks are so popular? To generate traffic to the blog.

    By direct linking I assume you mean to the permalink to the particular post. I can’t imagine any blogger whose feathers would be ruffled by this. It’s traffic, after all!

    I would, if you are trying to post the entire content of a post of mine. If you are simply commenting, adding something to a discussion, taking a quote, and providing a link back, that would be cool then, with me.

    Link to one of my permalinks, fine, no sweat. That’s part and parcel.

    Grab a bunch of stuff off my blogs, without actually receiving my permission (an “attribution” doesn’t cut it) – bad juju. I write. I am NASTY about copyright infringement. If I haven’t expressly given permission, it IS infringement (the above opinion about blogging notwithstanding….) I use copyscape to hunt down those who steal my work, as do many others who blog. Every post I make has a visible copyright attached, and so do those of many others.

    Ask. It’s the best policy. If you get told “no”, don’t whine, try to be an adult about it, and move on.

    I pretty much have the same attitude as miklb. A summary, or a quote with a link or a reference to… would be great. but using an amount and then not giving a link or credit where it is due, or having it in a way that can be misleading to readers as to who wrote the original would be a no no.

    jsut my 2 cents

    I wouldn’t be grabbing stuff off from the blogs, but rather linking directly to other linked things. For instance, an audio blog posts the new HotBand mp3. On my feed, I saw, ‘download the new HotBand mp3, courtesy of Audio Blog.” I take it that posting to a permalink is better than posting to the actual mp3.

    I don’t think copyright is the issue. But when blogs get linked, I’m sure that they would rather people go to their actual site than just leech off their own links.

    Now this example what you just gave is another big NO NO = hotlinking. It means you are offering something for download but you are using my bandwith. There are rumors some people got killed for that… 😉

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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