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  1. nrutman
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    I know the custom types and fields are fairly new to WordPress, but I wanted to see if anyone else had a solution for what I'd like to do.

    I know I can create custom content (quite easily too with plugins like More Types and More Fields—very nice). But what if I want to create custom content and feature it on a given page(s)? I know there isn't content linking built-in to WordPress (at least, not yet!), but can anyone think of a clean way to handle this in keeping with CMS best practices?

    The best thing I could come up with is a field on the custom type for something like "Feature on Pages" where it would contain a comma-delimited list of IDs for pages to feature that content on. Then, I could pull down the custom types and see what should be featured on the current page being viewed.

    It's not very elegant—any other suggestions?

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