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  • I haven’t installed wordpress yet because I can’t work out what I’m doing with it.
    I’m so confused, I’m not sure if I need or or what the difference is between the two.

    I have a very simple one page website and I want to set up a blog to run alongside it and with a link to the blog on the website. I don’t want to set up a new website – I just went through a lot of pain to do that!

    How do I do this?
    I have looked all round online and I’m just getting more confused.

    Responses in non-techy language please. Thank you!!

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  • esmi


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    Install WordPress in a sub-folder on your domain.

    Thank you so much for your response.
    But I’m sorry, I don’t understand what that means!!

    Are you able to explain it in very easy words? Thanks!



    From wordpress.rog –> you will get wordpress software package for installation on your site while, you have to buy domain name.

    from -> wordpress installed & you can create your site and you don’t need to buy the domain name. You can use either free theme or paid theme.

    Thank you.
    Look, I know I’m probably being a bit on the dim side here – I just don’t understand this.

    Are you saying with .org that the blog becomes my website but with .com it doesn’t?
    What is a theme?

    Can anyone explain this to me as if I’m an alien who has never encountered a computer before – I think that’s the level I’m at!!

    Thank you!



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    Do you intend to install WordPress on your domain? Or do do you intend to use a site? You may want to take some time out to read

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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