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  • I think I’m beginning to see why you liked Montezuma so much. When I go to Inspect, Miteri is not nearly as streamlined as Montezuma…

    I would think that affects speed… but I’ve given up on improving my page speeds. I’m now focusing on how Google wants AMP pages linked to cannonical pages. I think mine are.

    But, I don’t understand whether it’s the way something is positioned in the menu that creates the very long page names, or if it’s the fact I filled in “parent” information for a lot of pages, showing what page preceded another…

    My page names, when I copy a URL for Twitter, are hugely long. Is that because of the page’s position in my menu? or… what?

    Since I don’t understand, I’m also confused about linking my desktop pages with their long URLs, with my AMP pages which have a different menu… Should I remake my AMP menu to be the same as desktop? Only AMP seems to be structured differently. For instance, in AMP’s menu my home page doesn’t have items under it…

    They’ve vastly improved the AMP menu, so maybe my AMP menu reflects me making it before the improvements…

    I hope you’re having a Terrific and Lovely weekend. 🙂


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I don’t know how AMP works. Are you using this plugin? Perhaps you should ask your question on their support page.

    Some of your page names do seem to be long. This one, for example. I think it has to do with setting up the parent/child relationships, which I don’t think you need, especially since your menu structure doesn’t seem to follow the parent/child relationships that you’ve set up. For example, in the Milk Thistle Research page I linked above, the parent/child relationship (according to the URL) appears to be Home > B12-Malabsoption > Milk Thistle > Milk Thistle Research, but the actual menu progression is What’s A Healthy B-12 Level > Cyano B-12 and Milk Thistle > Milk Thistle Research. I don’t think having those parent/child relationships buy you anything, since you don’t have a breadcrumbs device.

    Hi 🙂

    Yes, that’s the plugin I use 🙂

    Early on the AMP menu was radically different. It was a list. So I tried to make my AMP menu display important things first. But now the menu does a sliding thing to show subcategories.

    There are breadcrumbs on my AMP pages.

    Miteri doesn’t seem to support breadcrumbs except for blogs.

    I’ll take all the parent things out. I never updated them when I moved pages… I never really understood their function.

    Did you happen to see the series, yes… off topic… Nirvana in Fire? It’s set in 5th Century China and quite interesting. I don’t know how historically accurate it is, but it’s got some martial arts similar to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I watched it on NetFlix… Actually, I watched II, so I think I can find the first bit … later. The original series, I, had excellent reviews and a lot of acclaim. 🙂

    Thank you so much for all your help. You Totally made my WordPress experience a good one from the start… Thank you.


    oh wait… are you saying that if my Breadcrumbs worked, then the parent thing would show in them???

    Yes, the breadcrumbs, if present, should show the parent/child relationship between pages, but since they don’t match your menu structure, it might be confusing to your visitors unless you went back and changed all of the relationships to match the menu.

    I have never seen Nirvana on Fire, I’ll look for it next time I’m on Netflix. Thanks for the tip. And glad to be of help.

    Thank you !
    I am going back and making it all match… but it’s slow going.

    I don’t know how it is that I didn’t understand this before…

    Plus, now that I understand the relationship I can see that some of my pages need tweaking to actually fit in correctly.



Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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