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  • I apologize, I’m learning this php as I go. Here’s what I want to do.

    I want to have a link that passes an url as an argument to my LinkedIn hResume page. Then use that argument in the shortcode, to display the correct LinkedIn data.

    Here’s the link code:
    $contact .= '<tr><td>' . __('Resume', $this->pid) .': </td><td><a href="'. $resume. '">'. substr($resume, 7) . "</a></td></tr>\n";

    which results in this url:

    First, Is my link above fine? Or should it have single or double quotes around the following?

    If so, how should I modify the above link code to accomplish that?

    Second, my LinkedIn hResume page contains the following:
    [lnhr url="" caching="on"]

    Can I insert an argument(ie: $linkedin_url) inside the shortcode? In other words, can I replace

    Or do I need to dive behind the scenes and try to figure out where to set ‘url’ in that code?

    Just looking for a little guidance before I attempt it myself, to help me avoid going down a couple of dead ends.


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  • Oh, just real quick, the reason for this is so that when users add a linkedin url for their account, I can show it using the same page that I used to show my own linkedin info. IE: I don’t need a unique shortcode entry for every user.

    Thanks again,

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