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  • My Website is:

    For years I had my blog in a sub directory of my main website ( and everything worked perfectly. I had my main flash website and my blog and everything worked like a charm.

    Recently I decided to make my blog, my main website. So after I got everything re-designed and just like I wanted it. I deleted my old Flash site from my FTP and moved all the word press files to my root directory.

    Everything seemed perfect, until I scrolled down and noticed that the images in my posts weren’t there. Nothing was showing up unless I had directly uploaded it to WordPress.

    All my images were direct linked from folders I had FTP’d. The main Subdirectory was called ‘images’. Each of the images in my posts were grouped into folders and the uploaded to that parent ‘images’ folder. See below for example url I would have put into a post.

    All of my images are still out there on my FTP site, but I can’t access them through the web. I can download them to my computer and view them, so they aren’t corrupt. For some reason WordPress isn’t recognizing the sub directories in my root folder. It just directs me back to my blog. There are several other sub directories that aren’t working that aren’t attached to my blog at all. for example has nothing to do with my blog, it’s a flash album viewer, but now when I access that link it says it’s not found on my blog.

    I’ve searched everywhere, I’m about to pull my hair our and cry. I would be so grateful if someone could assist me.

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  • All I get is this message:

    Your server is running PHP version 4.4.9 but WordPress 3.3 requires at least 5.2.4.

    Odds are you have to update the image paths. The Search & Replace plugin is good for batch updates like that.

    I just updated my php version, and discovered that links are case sensetive…this is totally new. Is there a function in WordPress that makes links case sensitive?

    I’ve never had this problem before. All I changed was the directory that the WordPress files were located in. Now everything is case sensitive.

    Unix/Linux servers are always case sensitive.

    I turned off the permalink post name function and all is right with the world. Why can’t I use pretty links?

    It’s possible that your folder names conflict with the link structure that using pretty links creates. If you want to FTP images to your server, I think it’s best to always put your image folders under /wp-content/uploads/yourimagefolder to avoid pathing problems.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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