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  • same here (wp 3.4 fresh installation)

    ok i got the ‘Link your Facebook account…’ message away with using firefox 13 instead of chromium 21. it might have been a beta-browser issue, so nevermind that.
    anyway, the next point after Authenticate with Facebook in the WordPress control panel (you will see a status message at the top, asking you to do so). is Publish a post or page to your WordPress site. You should see the post on your Timeline. You can delete the blog post. so i did this, but nothing appears on my timeline. whats the problem now? after i publish a page and go back into the facebook for wordpress control panel, the checkmark at “Publish to author’s Timeline [?]” is gone. so i again set it (the popup with the instructions appear), save the changes, write a post, publish it, it appears on my wordpress blog, it does not appear on my facebook timeline, and going back to the control panel, the checkmark again is gone. what’s up with this?

    @facebook I, too, am having the same issue with not being able to add new posts to timeline

    app id: 428618767178688
    app namespace: ucc-dramat-blog
    app domain:
    site url:

    I’ve quickly run through the code, and this is what i’ve found:
    The link is calling a javscript that’s to open facebook authentication. Unfortunately, there’s an error earlier in the code that is preventing the FB object from loading. I’ve updated my wordpress to 3.4 and got this working.

    I would strongly urge everyone to push their WordPress to 3.4, as this will resolve alot of the issues.

    As for the 191 error when authenticating your Facebook account:

    You need to specify the app domain and enabled the option ‘Website with Facebook Login’ with your website URL/domain.

    like this, you’re saying?
    i did set all this up in the first place before even trying to post to my wordpress. and i do have a fresh installation of v3.4 as said before.

    i dont know whats wrong but using stable chromium 19 i even get php-errors that do not occure in firefox 13:

    Those aren’t PHP errors, they’re warnings so i suspect some browsers will throw them while some others will hide them – I believe they’re being thrown for everyone so it shouldn’t be blocking any code execution.

    As far as the link disappearing, I can’t see that being affected by the browsers since it’s a check in PHP. If you don’t see the link and you see a dropdown with your fan pages (under Social Publisher > Publish to fan page) instead, then it’s a Facebook Authentication problem you have, so I can’t help you there.

    yes, i do see the fan pages in the dropdown you pointed at. i also see my facebook friends being suggested in the mention facebook friends area at the post screen. so it does have a connection to my account. it just wont post, as it keeps forgetting the checkmark at Publish to author's Timeline, i guess.

    From your image, maybe include the www in your login address, but that’s that most I can suggest. Start a new thread that is more specific to your problem, since it’s out of the scope of this thread’s problem.

    Facebook has already said (in a different thread), that this plugin is buggy. They are supposed to be releasing an update this week. Untill then, good luck getting it to work.

    App ID: 381405025255934
    App namespace: athousandmonkeys
    App domain:

    Same issue as joymccambridge and AUDIOMIND.

    Posting that information has done no good. In a different thread, facebook said the plugin is buggy… and to wait for a another release.

    Like I posted in another thread the buggy places are not hard to find 😉

    Plugin Contributor Matt Kelly (Facebook)


    Which version of WP are you folks running?

    I use WP 3.4

    It works fine on, but I can’t link to the facebook page on

    The websites use different themes.

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