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    What selection did you make in the gallery options for ‘Thumbnail Click Opens’? Which ever one you selected will apply to all the thumbnail links. If you want it to open link different than the original image, choose ‘Image Link’ or ‘Open Link in Lightbox’.

    “What selection did you make in the gallery options for ‘Thumbnail Click Opens’?”
    — I have Lightbox Image selected

    “Which ever one you selected will apply to all the thumbnail links.”
    — So you’re saying there is no way to override that “Thumbnail Click Opens” Option for one thumbnail in the gallery? If so, why is that Link field there in the first place, if not to be able to custom-link that thumbnail to another destination? Or what is the Link field for overall?

    Plugin Author AlanP57


    If you want to use a custom link, then you will need to supply a custom link for every image in the gallery.

    See this screenshot:

    To clarify, you’re saying that the only way to get that to actually link to the Link provided there on the first thumbnail is to give all the other thumbnails a custom Link as well?? How does that make any sense whatsoever? None of the other images need to go anywhere specific other than to show the full-size image…

    If this is the case, and there is no way to truly link an individual thumbnail to its own custom URL (despite that being the indication in the Edit Gallery area in the admin), then I may have to make a ‘gallery’ of 1 image, so that it can go to its own custom URL upon click/tap?

    Plugin Author AlanP57


    In the gallery’s option tab you can config what you want a click on an thumbnail image will do. It will not be just for one thumbnail but for all the thumbnails. You can select from the ‘Thumbnail Click Opens’ display the lightbox image, the image page, the image link (and you must specify a link), the original image, open the link in a lightbox (and you must specify a link) or no link.

    Now in the case you want all thumbnails to display the original image in a lightbox except for one which you want to display using a different link, then just select open the link in a lightbox, and supply the link you want to use for that thumbnail and then for all the other thumbnails, manually enter the link to their original image and then everything will work the way you want. You just have to paste in some additional links to get the functionally that you want to achieve using this free software.

    I selected: “Open Link in Lightbox” for the Gallery > Options. Clicking on the custom Link for that first thumbnail to a custom URL yields the following message in the lightbox format: “The image could not be loaded.”

    The words “The image” in that error message is a hypertext link — clicking on it takes you to the custom URL, oddly enough:

    I’ve decided to setup a single ‘album’ of 1 thumbnail as a workaround. This links to the page desired, without having to change all 9 other thumbnail links. Might I be able to submit this to MaxGalleria for a feature update suggestion in future revisions? That is, it seems like a field named Link under the Images tab should be able to override the general Options > Thumbnail Click Opens… setting. Would you be able to submit that for consideration, or no?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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