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    Once upon a time, WordPress had a great feature. When editing a post, if you selected some text in the post, then clicked on the “Link” button, a dialog came up requesting a URL and a link title (i.e. the HTML “title” attribute for the “a” tag). The text selected was the visible part of the tag (i.e. it was everything between the “a” tag and the “/a” closing tag).

    Now that I have WordPress 4.2, though, that’s changed. The dialog that comes up asks for a URL, but instead of asking for “Title” it asks for “Link text,” pre-populated with whatever text I’d selected. I have no idea why this change was made. It makes it unnecessarily difficult to add “title” attributes to links.

    I understand very few people use the “title” attribute. Still, it exists; it should be used, if possible; and search engines may (or may not) be using them. Why was this functionality removed? Was it because people didn’t understand what the “title” attribute was for and complained about being prompted for it?

    That said, is there any way to restore the prior functionality?

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  • All right, so they yanked this feature because someone decided “title” attributes were no longer to be used. That’s fine, I suppose, but the stated reasoning for yanking it still escapes me.

    Yeah, I get that people reading things in “accessibility” modes won’t necessarily be able to see or hear the “title” attribute data, but all that means is that it will be extraneous (and therefore ignored) in such instances. It still might be read by other agents (e.g. webcrawlers) and seen by other kinds of users. Unless title attributes were bloating pages to the point of making them unloadable or something … which I have no reason to believe occurs and no one else is saying it does either … there doesn’t seem to be any good reason never to use them.

    There are a lot of things in Web pages that users don’t see. Meta tags in the headers leap to mind in this regard. Are we to strip all of those things out, solely because some, or all, users will never see them?

    I’d love to get a better explanation for this. Because the above reasoning … which is what I’ve seen … just isn’t cutting it. I’m also not sure why there was no notice of this change, nor any explanation for how it benefits me as a WordPress site owner to lose this functionality.

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