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    Other than keying in my twitter username, what setting or how does the widget get authorization to post my tweets? Normally there are app codes but I don’t see anything. Also, the widget area does not appear on my sidebar. No frame or indication that it resides there as no posts exists. It’s only been a short time but I would think that the feed frame or box would at least be there.

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  • Hey

    This depends on the plugin most of the plugins that are developed just link to propagate from your Twitter feed.

    The best plugin that I found is the twitter widget from Twitter.

    You would add this as a Custom Plugin using the Iframe text and then move that around to your desired reference point in the Widget area.

    This should give you the desired effect needed.


    Hey, looks great. Exactly what I want. Now, only question, previous Twitter plugins broadcasted every page and post including if I edited an existing one, and every tweet was broadcasted to my friend’s facebook page. This won’t do that will it? I have a regular FB page for my personal use and then another page for my business (Round House Talk) and the business page was full of every tweet sent by and to me. It was messy. Let me know.

    Also, looking at my Tweet account, it has 2 posts with with wp shortlink and the other is a twitter short link so there is 2 tweets. When you click on the tweets, it takes me first back to a link in a new wp page which identifies the article (I use “Press This”) and you have to then click on the link to go to the tweet. Am I confusing? Otherwise it looks really great.

    Ted, guess I made a mistake. It posts @twitter feed rather than @RoundHouseTalk. When I click on your link you made in your response above to create the widget, and change the @twitter to mine @RoundHouseTalk, this error message comes up in the message box above:

    Was unable to generate a widget preview with this configuration. Some of the settings may be in an invalid or unexpected format.

    Then if I go ahead and create, this message comes up:

    Cannot create widgets for protected accounts

    What am I doing wrong?

    Ok Ted. Unprotected my account so that it’s public instead of private and it works. I also disconnected twitter from Facebook so that should resolve that, unless you think I need to do something else.

    Thanks Ted. Looks like it’s good. I just don’t want to broadcast mine or anyone else’s FB page every time I update a post. Thanks for you great help! Been trying for a couple of weeks and you resolved it in a short time.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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