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  • Hello there,
    does it matter where I put a link to my site map – in the post or the template lets say in the footer.php file??? Does it matter for crawlers of search engines?
    And if I put a link in the widget on the sidebar does Search Engine crawler gets there at all?

    I created currently a page for the sitemap,
    I think it is not enough and I need to link to it from every page as well as the Home page, isn’t it?

    What is the best place to insert a link to my sitemap???

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  • Well, I see sitemap in the header on every page I looked at. That looks just fine to me.

    Hi Michael,
    Where did you look at the home page source? I didn’t find it there.
    The question is whether or not crawlers will get to this sitemap through the home page!

    If I insert a link to the sitemap into the side bar in the text widget will crawlers get to this link???
    And if I insert it in to the footer.php, will they get to the it?

    Any body,
    help is needed!
    Don’t know where to find answers to those question.
    The help is greatly appreciated!!!

    Its definatly there!

    <div id="myBox">
    		<li><a href="">Home</a></li>
    <!--<div class="myBoxU"></div>-->
    <div class="myBox11"></div>
    <div class="myBox1"><a href="/">Home</a></div>
    <div class="myBox13"></div>
    <div class="myBox11"></div><div class="myBox1"><a href="">Contact us</a></div><div class="myBox13"></div><div class="myBox11"></div><div class="myBox1"><a href="">Sitemap</a></div><div class="myBox13"></div>

    Have you actually looked at your site, its right at the top just to the right of the “contact me” link!

    Yea, I know, the button “sitemap” is there but will crawlers pass get to it through the Home page?
    This code is from Home page source?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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