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  • Using Link to Post 1.0.2 and when I publish the links are not showing up as I have styled them in Atahualpa 3.3.3. Links created with the default link creator in a post or page ARE correctly styled.

    Link to Post picks up the underlining when hovering, but not the color that links are supposed to have in their default state — in my case, regular text is black and links are red. When hovering over a link, it adds a red underline. With the links I’ve created in Link to Post, the link text is black in its default state, but the red underline is there if you hover.

    Obviously, this is a big problem because if a reader doesn’t have some visual clue that a bit of text is actually a link, they’re not going to click it.

    My website is The Boat Galley, but I don’t know that you’re going to see it in action because the problem is that you can’t see it.

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  • Never mind! After poking around for a LONG time, I figured out the problem and it’s NOT with the plugin . . . it was operator error, but this may be of interest to anyone else in the same position.

    I had started this blog on a non-Wordpress platform. A few weeks into it, I decided that I really needed WP. The few posts I had written in the old blog, I copied and pasted to the new one. The post that I noticed this problem on was one of those — I had copied and posted it, then did some editing including linking to some newer posts. The copying from the old blog was the problem.

    Seems that there was some HTML in that old blog that was controlling the appearance of links in their default state and I had inadvertantly copied it when copying the text. Once I found the HTML codes and stripped them out, the links I created with Link to Post displayed properly.

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