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  • Hi there, I looked through the forums and couldn’t find where this question had been asked already, so here goes.

    I’m trying to link to the popup player from a custom template that lists all of the audio files. What I’ve got so far:

    <a class="podpress_playinpopup podpress_playinpopup_audio_mp3" onclick="javascript:podPressPopupPlayer('1', '', 'My Mp3 Title', 'My Author Name'); return false;" href="#podPressPlayerSpace_1">Play in Popup</a>

    …it works, but the player window size is all wrong, and the “back to…” link is wrong. Also, when I remove the class, it doesn’t work. I’d like to remove the class bit so I can use a button class from my css, but if that won’t work maybe I can create a work-around.

    The main problem is I don’t know what parameters/arguments I’m passing to the javascript player or how many parameters are available.

    I would love to look through the podpress files to find my answer, but there’s a LOT of them (for which I applaud you, this plugin is awesome) and I fear that might take me days.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thank you very much for your time!

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