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    After posting for help I still do not understand this,
    I am trying to make a visible link, most likely on the sidebar, so users can click it from any page and go to wherever the link is set for.

    I read the documentation and tried setting this for the post, using code suggested

    <a>post title</a>

    Where do I put this? I made it like a link putting the code as URI which doesn’t work but I don’t know which file to put it in or where in the file. Any ideas?

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  • For adding a link to the sidebar, you will have to edit the sidebar.php (if your theme has it) in the presentation->theme editor in the wp-admin panel 🙂

    I tried editing sidebar.php and placing code in it that returns with Post title (as above), it sends you to a post displsy page with the line Edit this Entry, click on it and end up in Write Post.

    What I am trying to do is put some method on the screen wher a user can click on it and end up wherever the link has been set for. Maybe I’m using the wrong terms for it but a link seems to be the right way to do this I don’t know how to make it visible for users to be able to do this. Any tested ideas?

    hi bob…

    <a href="">Title of the Link</a>

    use that code in the sidebar… just replace what’s in between quotes with the actual URL of the page you want it to go to, and replace “Title of the Link” with whatever you want the link to say…

    That looks okay but what I was hoping for is some way for a user to link from whatever page they are on to whatever page they wish to go to.

    I used the code you suggest,

    (can’t get it to display here)

    The title phone list appears but I just get an error message that the page could not be found.

    This is staying in the same site just going from page to page, like a menu or navigation bar that I have done in Dreamweaver, just not too sure how to do it here.

    http: // list (broken after the http: on purpose)

    is an invalid link, yes… you need the exact page URL for the phone list, and i can guarantee you that it’s not the one you’re using.

    can you give us a link to the site so we might better help?

    This appears as phone list here so I took off the first <a

    href=” list”>phone list

    Can’t seem to make this work from page to page.

    i can’t believe that the url ends with “phone list” with a space in there like that.

    when i clicked on the link, i get a restriced access thing asking me for a username and password.

    but in any event… it should be something more like:

    <a href=" list">phone list</a>

    (you didn’t have the closing argument </a> in your post… )

    but we can’t see the site if you require a login and password anyway, so again, i can’t help you locate the actual URL of the right link like this. and also again, i’m SURE that the page is not “phone list” – there has to be a dash or something in there that you’re missing, like “phone-list”

    Sorry, I removed the beginning < and the WP system here must have removed the closing , I did name the page phone list and it created it.

    As for the site needing a login and password I can’t help that it is a closed system and I can’t open it to anyone without the owners permission.

    okay well the problem MIGHT be that you created a page named “phone list” and the words aren’t connected by anything (usually a hyphen or underscore)…

    Thank you, I’ll give that a try, I mean rename it.

    It still gives the error message that the page can not be found. Oh well, thanks for the help I’ll try again.

    It still gives the error message that the page can not be found. Oh well, thanks for the help I’ll try again.

    I don’t know what else to tell you bob… you’re either not forming the link properly or the page doesn’t exist as the way you think you’ve created it.

    If you go to manage -> pages
    and then find the page you’re looking for, try clicking on “view” and see what it gives you for a URL… that’s the one you need to link to.

    Thank you laddelaluna when I went to page and saw the URL I entered this as a URI for a link and it works well.

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