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  • im having this weird issue where a certain link on my website:

    redirects to the following url:

    which brings up a 404 error. the weird thing is that there isn’t anything on my web server at /community yet, since that is where im going to be installing my message board.

    i also don’t have any posts that exist for 10-25-2011. ive also tried turning off all my plugins and still get the same weird redirection. ive also checked my server but i dont have any redirects going on for that domain.

    im kind of at a loss as to what could possibly be going on. id like to move my forum over soon, but this is getting in the way. if anyone knows what might be happening here, id definitely appreciate the input!

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  • You get the 404 because it doesn’t exist. maybe I don’t quite understand.

    yeah, i know it doesn’t exist, and that’s why it’s a 404. what i don’t understand is why /community is redirecting to /2011/10/25/community/. there’s no reason i can think of as to why wordpress should be doing this, especially when it still does it after disabling all my plugins. any ideas?


    the weird thing is that there isn’t anything on my web server at /community yet

    If you made the link, and the page doesn’t exist, you’ll get a 404. that’s normal as far as I know. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

    yes, I KNOW. can’t you see that the url is REDIRECTING to another url?

    this should never happen. it should simply give a 404 error. it should not redirect to a different url that has nothing to do with 404 errors:

    THAT’S what’s bizarre about it.

    the link you posted is what shows in the browser url when I click the link. So no, I can’t see what you mean. Sorry I can’t help. Good luck with it:)

    Thanks anyways. If anyone else has any info as to what could be going on here, I would sure appreciate it.

    Im having the same problem. Ill help you out in a few. Im figuring this out.

    BUT I DO understand what you are saying. My site is doing the same thing. One of my PAGES is redirecting to a POST that doesn’t exist.


    is being redirected to a non existent post


    There is no need for this. Once i crack it, I will let you know how to do this.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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