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  • Ideally I wish to duplicate the archive structure found at Asterisk. I haven’t been able to find such a system for wordpress yet. If anyone knows of a way to implement this, I would prefer it.
    I have tried to implement Nicer Archives as an alternate, but have functions like: the_category(‘,’) , wp_list_cats(); ?> and wp_get_archives(‘type=monthly’) linking to an entirely unusable system that won’t match with it.
    Can Nicer Archives be modified to show the correct sorting method (i.e. monthly sorting for a date link, like wp_get_archives(‘type=monthly’);) and to got to an anchor for that particular month or category (which isn’t generated at all, it would appear).
    I have nearly blown my brains out hacking up Nicer Archives, and trying to write my own system.
    Thansk so much for any help.

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  • I don’t know, but this might help you?

    Thanks for the link Michael, it was helpful in formulating some new ideas.
    That is similar to what I have currently implemented, but the problem still remains that the standard output of the functions the_category(‘,’) , wp_list_cats(); ?> and wp_get_archives(‘type=monthly’) links is to a basic page where it lists full posts. I would like to be able to use the sortable nicer archives, but be able to pass sorting via those links for the users convenience. Like clicking on a link for the post’s category would send you to Nicer Archives page, but sorted via category and to that specific category as well (to avoid scrolling.)

    Thanks, that looks like a useful plugin, but doesn’t help me organize the archives in any way that makes them more logical or useful. I plan on only using titles anyways.
    I guess I should post an example, eh? is the version of myarchives (source php).
    I would like all category and date archive run through that script (I would assume this mostly requires mod_rewrite to forward) but I am usnure of how to have nicer archvies handle the passed request (i.e. categories/site-news) to change the sorting and automatically send the user to that section of the archives (probably via an anchor or making that category first on the list?)
    I have basic PHP skills, but this is really out of my level, as is the mod_rewrite needed to do this.

    The backticks are often beneath the tilde on the upper left side of the keyboard. If the code is lengthy just post a link to it and host it on your site as “file.phps”

    Ah, I have no clue how I didn’t figure that out. I was using a single quote.
    Here is what I did to modify, for anyone interested:
    } elseif ('category' == $orderby) {
    $thiscategory = $category_name;
    if ($thiscategory != $previous) {
    //Original Code: $output .= ''.get_catname($thiscategory).'';
    $output .= ''.''.get_catname($thiscategory).'';
    $previous = $thiscategory;

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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