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    That play fine in my Google Chrome. If they work on all your other browsers, then this is an issue with your version of Google Chrome. Try another machine with Chrome on it… does it work for them?

    You may have a plugin or add-on you aren’t aware of in your Chrome… try to run Chrome in safe mode and see if that fixes it. Or disable add-ons and plugins in Chrome.

    I’ve tried to play the mp3 links on both my macbook and imac.
    But they wont play work on either machine.

    Although I have no extensions in Google Chrome, I’ve tried playing the files in safe mode. But even that doesnt work…



    Ah, a MAC user… well after a few minutes of research this seems to be a common problem for Chrome on MAC machines. Some websites play and some don’t. One website claims that the answer is in the length of the MP3. The user indicated that anything over 2 minutes won’t play without the artist’s name encoded with them!

    Not sure how true that is, but if you created the MP3s, try to add the artist’s name in the and re-export and see if that helps. Other sites indicate similar responses that have something to do with the time stamp and other encoded issues. No surefire fix that I can find (unless the author piece works for you).

    Thanks! Well, it seems like a mystery to me. Especially since it’s been working fine up to last week. I have an archive of audio since 2009, so encoding seems quite impossible.
    I’ll try to think of something. Probably going to use a plugin from now onwards…

    I’ve been experiencing a similar problem and I’m thinking it may be related to metadata added by the media library. I’m going to be testing out whether FTPing the audio files rather than using the media library fixes the problem – that is the only workaround that comes to mind if this IS the problem, at least without hacking core…

    FTPing the files hasn’t fixed it, I’m playing around with other fixes but I think it may be a Chrome thing from recent versions… trying to find documentation but nothing yet.

    Zoe and all, I concur. Spent the last week trying work-arounds. Long story short, nothing to do with conflicting plugins metadata htaccess etc. So the grand design to make media easier succeed in making our previous short codes obsolete while not providing a reliable alternative. For me it is down to audio not working reliably in Chrome. Who thought not to test Chrome? And now we have two more WP releases before years end to contend with. On the bright side 3.6 should give html5 media plugin developers a lot of new business.



    Let’s get something straight here… it’s not a WordPress issue… this is a Chrome issue. It has something to do with the way Chrome is reading the files. This is a problem that dates back to 2012.

    If you don’t believe me, try to embed that same problematic MP3 into a static HTML website that is NOT using WordPress. You’ll see what I mean. Read more about it here:

    and here:

    I had this same problem. It is, in fact, a WordPress issue. I fixed the problem by uploading the mp3 file manually via FTP into a new directory. Although this fixed the issue, it’s extremely inconvenient, and this should be looked into.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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