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  • Plugin Author Mark Zahra


    Hi @rdoctor, is that the RSS feed you are using? We don’t see any enclosure URL links in there at the moment, which may be the issue. Where have you obtained this URL from?

    My bad, I did not think anyone would respond so I was trying another plugin. I got this rss from Here is a copy of the xml from the link above as you can see there is a enclosure url tag:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <rss xmlns:itunes="" version="2.0"><channel><title>Radio de oracion caribeña</title><link></link><description>Un podcast semanal que involucra orar con guerreros de oración e intercesores en toda la región del Caribe.</description><language>es</language><guid>ahBzfnJhZGlvamFyLWxpYi0ycisLEgpBdXRoRW50aXR5GICAgOWQ2u0LDAsSB1BvZGNhc3QYgIDA9Nb7xAsM</guid><itunes:subtitle>El caribe que ora juntos se mantiene unido</itunes:subtitle><itunes:author>New Judah</itunes:author><itunes:summary>Un podcast semanal que involucra orar con guerreros de oración e intercesores en toda la región del Caribe.</itunes:summary><itunes:explicit>no</itunes:explicit><itunes:type>episodic</itunes:type><itunes:image href=""></itunes:image><itunes:category text="Religion & Spirituality"><itunes:category text="Christianity"></itunes:category></itunes:category><itunes:owner><itunes:name>New Judah</itunes:name><itunes:email></itunes:email></itunes:owner><item><title>Oración de la mañana-2019-05-25.mp3</title><link></link><description>Oración de la mañana</description><itunes:summary>Oración de la mañana</itunes:summary><itunes:author>Keisha Solomon</itunes:author><itunes:duration>0:00:57</itunes:duration><itunes:explicit>no</itunes:explicit><itunes:episode>1</itunes:episode><itunes:season>2019</itunes:season><itunes:episodeType>full</itunes:episodeType><itunes:image href=""></itunes:image><enclosure url="" length="1838256" type="application/octet-stream"></enclosure><guid>ahBzfnJhZGlvamFyLWxpYi0ychYLEglNZWRpYUl0ZW0YgIDAtN7jiwsM</guid><pubDate>Wed, 29 May 2019 00:00:00 -0000</pubDate></item></channel></rss>

    The enclosure tag has the following: <enclosure url=”″ length=”1838256″ type=”application/octet-stream”></enclosure>

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    Plugin Author Mark Zahra


    Hey @rdoctor, the link you sent requires a login, so we’ll need the RSS feed URL that you entered into our plugin. We’ll use this to reproduce your setup and see what happens.

    Are you currently using any of our premium add-ons or just the free plugin?



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