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    Well, you make arrangements so that I can meet/talk to/go to a bar/chat all night long/have breakfast with Linda Leen and I’ll tell you how.
    Ok, I’m the nice guy. I shouldn’t be so demanding…
    Copy your index.php, rename it “123.php” in your case and delete everything inside the loop (insert whatever else instead)
    By doing so, you’ll keep your layout/design/menu, and your posts won’t show up. Removing the loop prevent the posts to be loaded and displayed.

    Not very difficult, you have just to keep track of the paths to relevant files (since you’re going to put your page into a subdirectory):
    Copy index.php into the subdirectory. Edit it: make sure that the paths to wp-blog-header.php and wp-layout.css actually point to the files. And take out everything you don’t want, in particular The Loop.
    I have started to make index.php modular by putting the menu in its own file menu.php and including it. See this wiki page. Again, careful with the path.

    Ok, I deleted the loop, and if I store the “123.php” file in the root directory, it works perfecty, but if I store it into a sub-directory, i need to change 2 values(at least I think so)
    ./wp-blog-header.php =>
    /wp-layout.css =>
    I do so, but they just dont work, it show a blank page, what could be wrong?

    Well, where is your file now?




    If you follow this link I’ve got a mini tutorial on my site on how to do this. This was originaly written when Blakely (1.02) was the release and hasn’t been updated to Mingus (current official release) or for 1.3. Some people have had success with it, others havn’t. Go slow and deliberatly, and it should be OK.

    links don’t work…

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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