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  • Hi all! I’m using the WP-FB Autoconnect plugin with P2 theme, and ever since I did that, the name of the post author – which usually leads to a page that shows all the posts by that author – don’t work anymore.

    The website is I’m thinking it’s because of the plugin making the link go to<name of poster> as opposed to

    If that’s true, how do I change that? I’m not an expert at coding or anything… If that’s not true, what’s the issue? The name links still work for all the older posts – before I installed the WP-FB Autoconnect plugin.

    Thank you in advance!

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  • fixed

    Hi Justin – I’m unsure of what you mean by it being fixed… are you referring to the fact that it works for you?


    Fixed means I fixed the bug. See the changelog (1.6.1)

    I see – I think perhaps the issue is on the P2 Theme side, and not the plugin? Because when I click the name link on my site it is still not showing the entire post history of the author… I’m not quite sure how to correct it, and I have the newest version of the plugin (1.6.6).

    Thank you!

    It won’t fix existing users; just new users who subsequently login with Facebook

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