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    I want a static page at “home” with a link to “Blogs” in the header.

    (I’m in the process of creating a child style sheet for my changes as per instructions here. And I found some other good stuff here. Nice resource. Thank you!)

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  • FYI: Work in progress at

    what blog would you like it to link to and install plugin speedy page redirect. if its at a different domain

    Guess I didn’t make myself clear. It’s a way to set a link to *this* web pages blog articles when I’ve set the home page to use a static page.

    The problem is, when I set the blog to use a static page for home, the blog articles are no longer shown. The Categories and Tags provide ways to get to specific threads, but I don’t see any way to get to *all* blog articles.

    My current state is at — How do I set it up so readers can get from there to *all* blog articles (also at that same URL)?

    Make that “*all* blog articles” in chronological order across all Categories and all Taqs — that is, *all* posts (articles).”

    Found it. Here’s the process.

    1) Create a static page with an indicative name. I called mine “Blogs”. Whatever content you put in the page will be ignored — I just left myself a note “Never displayed but required as the link to the blogs. DO NOT DELETE THIS PAGE.”
    2) Set the order to “1” to make it appear next to “Home” in the menu across the bottom of the top-most graphic on the home page. None of the other attributes of this page seem to be relevant.
    3) Create another static page such as “Welcome”. This text will be the first page seen by visitors on your home page. Set the attributes (e.g., Template) as you wish.
    4) In Settings -> Reading, for the “Front page displays” selection, choose “A static page) and set the “Front page” to “Welcome” (see #3 above) and [here’s the step I was missing] the “Posts page” to “Blogs” (see #1 above).
    5) Save the changes and check the results.

    + Your “home” page should be the “Welcome” page and, up in the menu below the graphic, “Blogs” should be the choice immediately to the right of “Home” (this is the order set in #2 above, relative to other static pages that appear in this same menu).
    + The “Blogs” menu will also appear, in alphabetical order, in the Pages widget if you have it visible somewhere.
    + Clicking on “Blogs” in either the main menu across the bottom of the top graphic, or in the Pages widget, should then show *ALL* blog posts (articles) in chronological order and regardless of Category or Tags.

    The key to this was making a static page named “Blogs” so that, in Settings -> Reading, the “Posts page” has something to point to.

    Unless there’s “a better way”, I consider this issue closed.

    (Blog looks great!)

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