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  • abruce99


    In an older version of Simple Links, we were able to create a link directly to a file share (using a mapped drive letter). For example:

    After updating about 6 months ago, if we attempt to input the same info into a new link and click update the web address field clears. Existing links continue to work, but new links must be formatted as; otherwise, when we press update to save the link the field clears completely. We were okay with this as it worked and document opened as we wanted.

    This was fine until our Windows fileserver died on the weekend. We built a new instance, named it the same name, and recreated all the necessary shares etc, but now it cannot open the http:// links. Just get the spinning circle and then it times out with ‘this site can’t be reached.’ err_connection_timed_out.

    Any insight on the ‘blanking’ of the address field (or a method to get around it), or failing that what needs to be corrected so that the http works again without the error?

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